A way of defending against cyber-attacks has been found


The smartphone has become an everyday tool for work and leisure, storing vast amounts of private information. But as technology has evolved, so have cybercriminals: their numbers have tripled over the past decade. That’s why, in mid-February, technology company Samsung launched Message Guard, a new line of mobile security.

A way of defending against cyber-attacks has been found

While all smartphone users know not to open random, suspicious links or attachments, this knowledge alone is not enough. In the cyber world, “zero-click” attacks, where you don’t have to open a link or attachment to become a victim, are becoming increasingly common. Just one image, received and unopened, can contain malicious code that can compromise the security of all your data.

For example, you receive a message on your smartphone from an unknown contact. The link, picture or image in the message makes you suspicious, so you don’t open it. But keep in mind that even if you haven’t touched your device, a hacker could still read your messages, view your gallery or even copy your banking information.

"Message Guard checks the visual information received

“Message Guard” works by blocking and isolating the photos or images you receive in your messages, preventing malicious code from accessing data on your smartphone. The new security app checks and processes every part of the file to prevent the entire device from being infected.

It works simply by automatically neutralising any potential threats in photos or images before you even see the downloaded information. It’s also extremely easy to use and doesn’t need to be activated every time – running the app once will keep Message Guard running.

This protection is the latest Samsung innovation and is so far only available on Galaxy S23 smartphones. Other Galaxy series devices – phones and tablets, Message Guard will be available later this year.

Source: elta.lt

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