Geopolitical forecast for the year 2023 for Latvia


Carl Kraft (German astrologer) developed the geopolitical direction in astrological prognostication and wrote the book «Cosmobiology». So, first of all, geopolitics in astrology is connected with the development of ethnic groups and is very different from the tabloid astrology, because here other factors are involved in the analysis of events. Secondly, you need historical experience and a lot of data for comparison.

Geopolitical forecast for the year 2023 for Latvia

The division of the European Union, which began in 2016 with Brexit and will end by early 2024, will continue in 2023. As of March, major changes are coming to EU and UK political leaders – previous ones are leaving and new ones are coming. Latvia, in this context, will have to look for new shores, ways of development and relations. The financial resources that Latvia has now will be allocated for projects that will never be implemented in Latvia. Therefore, in 2023, the state needs to focus on looking for investments and be prepared for major shocks in financial markets and transition to a new financial system.

The main direction of the year is the transition from the crisis of 2022 to the crisis of 2024

The first half of the year will be calmer than the second half. From March the restructuring of financial and social relations will start. Latvia will have to catch the wind of change in time to prepare for the year 2024. Without its own development strategy, Latvia will have difficulties in adjusting to the new conditions that will emerge by 2025.

We will also need to understand who is a leader for Latvia, and who is just out for a walk with a brush on the road and to make a choice. The subject of the leader for Latvia will be very topical in the spring. I will assume that «non-citizensaliens» of Latvia will be offered Latvian citizenship under new conditions. And here many will face a choice, as there are preconditions that the institution of «non-citizens» will disappear in principle.

In the second half of the year, closer to autumn, escalation of hostilities is possible with the inclusion of Poland and Romania in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The desire of Latvia to show itself in the international arena will sharply increase, but here it is necessary to consider in what capacity Latvia will want to show itself, because during July-August-September 2023, major geopolitical changes are expected with the emergence of new borders. The second half of the year will be very dynamic for Latvian diplomats and the Foreign Ministry.

For Latvia, 2023 will be a year of either the start of a prolonged and deep crisis, or a year of opportunities to strengthen its social and financial sectors. This will be the year to see the true meaning and purpose of «Perestroika» and the collapse of the USSR.

Horoscope compiled by astrologer Elias Ashmole

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