How your birth number affects your health and well-being

Everyone born into this world has a unique character. Our character traits influence everything that happens in our lives, including our health.

While some people rarely get sick or are unaware of their ailments, others may suffer from stomach and throat problems from an early age. Others may rarely catch a cold but suffer from conditions such as sciatica, and still others may be mostly healthy but prone to fractures. Although our bodies function similarly, our individual characteristics can lead to variations or specific conditions.

How your birth number affects your health and well-being
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How can we determine which ailments?┬áNumerology can provide insight. Just by looking at a person’s date of birth, you can see what aspects of their health may be predominant. Add up the digits of the date, month and year of birth until you get a single-digit number.

For example, for the date of birth 18/07/1967:
1 + 8 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 39; 3 + 9 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3. This last number can reveal characteristics of your health.

Number 1 people’s health is greatly influenced by their pace of life. Over-activity can lead to high blood pressure, acute illnesses with increased body temperature and skin irritations. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to lethargic muscles, slowed metabolism, premature ageing and brain dysfunction. You should prioritise heart and eye care, avoid extreme cold and limit very spicy or hot foods.

Number 2 people shouldn’t overwork or exhaust themselves. Work may be fulfilling, but it can drain their vitality. To promote health, they should develop self-confidence, be determined, occasionally reflect on their long-term goals, establish a balanced work/rest schedule, and master relaxation techniques. Throat care is essential and you should eat a varied diet in moderation.

If your birth number is 3, prioritise your mental well-being. Avoid confrontations and any aggravating circumstances. Control your emotions and prioritise rationality. Especially during full moons, when the nervous system is under stress, consider taking tranquillisers, practising self-hypnosis or finding a calming hobby. Also focus on respiratory health and skin care.

Number 4 people should strive for emotional balance and avoid mood swings. Mental satisfaction can come from cherished activities. A nurturing home environment and harmonious family relationships will enhance their well-being. If they succumb to despondency, they risk anaemia, migraines, back pain and digestive problems.

How your birth number influences your health and well-being
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Number 5 people benefit from adequate sleep – the best remedy for illness. They should look after their cardiovascular health, their head organs and avoid mental overload. A diurnal pattern – sleeping at sunset and waking at dawn – is beneficial. Nocturnal routines can lead to chronic diseases.

Those born with the number 6 are advised to strengthen the body through physical activity, exposure to nature and a natural diet. Typically, they enjoy robust health and need to maintain it by treating illnesses promptly. Respiratory and abdominal health is paramount. Avoid strong odours and do not exercise after meals.

Number 7 people should frequently lift their spirits. Ignoring critics and naysayers is essential for their health. Succumbing to mood swings, gloom and confusion can jeopardise their wellbeing. They need to prioritise skin care, choose non-irritating clothing, apply soothing creams, avoid heavy lifting and eat a balanced diet, avoiding extremes.

Number 8 people’s health can deteriorate because of toxins in the body. Periodic fasting, fibre-rich diets and avoiding meat and refined grains are beneficial. They should focus on the health of the liver, intestines, gall bladder and reproductive organs.

For number 9 individuals, travel, intellectual pursuits and keeping up to date are health boosters. They should avoid alcohol and overly processed foods. Monitoring blood quality and liver health is essential.

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