Meta announces the creation of a new social network


Meta, the company that owns Facebook, announced on Friday that it is developing a new “messaging” social network that could become a serious competitor to Twitter.

Since October, when billionaire Ilon Musk took over Twitter, the platform has been plagued by outages, but in the absence of any serious alternative, world leaders, politicians and commercial companies have no choice but to continue to share their information on the social network.

Meta announces the creation of a new social network

On Friday, following statements from news website Platformer and India’s Moneycontrol, Meta confirmed that it is starting work on a new platform.

“We are exploring the possibility of creating a separate decentralised social network for text messaging,” Meta said in a brief emailed statement.

“We believe there is an overdue need for a separate space where creative individuals and public figures can share their news with the public in a timely manner,” the statement added.

According to media reports, the new Meta app will use technology that allows it to interact with other platforms, allowing users to broadcast their messages to other networks.

Is Twitter vulnerable?

Twitter experienced a brief but unprecedented outage on Monday, with users around the world reporting that they could not access links to articles from external sites. The company’s helpdesk blamed the problem on the “unintended consequences” of the platform update.

After laying off two-thirds of its staff, Twitter is operating with minimal staff and is reportedly vulnerable to disruption, misinformation and malicious content. With many advertisers leaving the network, the network’s revenue and adjusted profits in December were down about 40 per cent from a year earlier.

Mr Musk is trying to “wean” Twitter off advertising and is promoting subscriptions as a new way to make money, an idea also being tried by Meta, but the results so far have not been impressive.


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