«My neighbours smoke weed». People on the street talk about the essentials

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News website Rus.Postimees  conducted an experiment in which people express their opinion about the poor quality of police work and the indifference of officials to the problems of residents of small villages. They also expressed their criticism of the media, the role of women in the family, and their gratitude for helping Ukraine.

«My neighbours smoke weed». People on the street talk about the essentials
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Anton: «I have personally experienced a situation: my neighbours smoke weed, which you can smell very well in summer when the windows are open. It feels like they are smoking on my sofa. And I call our neighbourhood officer, and he answers: ‘Call a squad, there’s nothing we can do’. Or there’s the Drug Control Service, they have a post office that you can write to. I wrote there ten times and nothing happened. I can still smell the weed, but soon my patience will run out».

Tamara: «Pension was promised an increase of fifty euros, but thirty was added. On the radio they said fifty, but they only added thirty. And next year only twenty euros will be added. Well, what’s that? It’s just one trip to the shop. I have a small pension, only five hundred euros, which I don’t have enough. And my son, he is an invalid, and he has a pension of two hundred and fifty. It is very small».

Sergei: «All the correspondents go where things are good, but they completely forget about the places where things are quite bad. For example, no one has ever covered the problem of the village Old Akhtme, never went there. A large number of people live there, but there is no shop. Elderly people have to co-operate with those who have a car, and if they don’t, they have to take a bus to the nearest shop, which is in Iidla place. It’s a mockery of the people».

Julia: «I would like to express my gratitude to the Estonian government for helping the people of Ukraine in such a difficult situation. The Estonian government is helping a lot, not only the citizens of Ukraine, but Ukraine as a whole».

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