Sausage made from dog meat?


At the end of last year, a Facebook page appeared on the Estonian company MUKI, claiming to specialise in a very specific product – Labrador sausages.

“We are happy to announce that after many years of preparation we are nearing the finish line and our 100 per cent organic dog meat products will soon be available for purchase,” MUKI said in a message to its “potential customers” on FB.

Sausage made from dog meat?
Photo from Facebook

In another of its publications, the company cynically boasts that MUKI dogs are free-range bred, live a decent life, are killed using humane methods, and that all of the company’s products are 100 per cent natural and organic.

Eating dog meat is banned in the European Union, including Estonia, and the creation of such a disgusting advertisement page was probably just a PR stunt by some not very clever PR people.

In February, however, a post on the same Facebook page announced the opening of MUKI’s first dog meat restaurant:

“Big news! MUKI is finally available in the first eatery! If you are in Helsinki, be sure to try it!”

Колбаса из собачатины?
Photo from Facebook

In order to clarify the legality of such advertising, the editors of the internet portal contacted the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Supervision Board.

Department councillor Aap Andreas Rebas replied that the authority had contacted the advertiser, but the control procedure was still ongoing, so no further comment was possible at this time.

P.S. It is very strange that the FB network, on whose pages one can easily be banned for a careless word in a comment, does not itself notice such disgusting advertising antics.

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