The male contraceptive pill may become a reality


Scientists say there is a breakthrough in the development of the long-awaited male birth control pill. The new type of birth control will not contain hormones, which will be a huge advantage over the drugs used by women today.

The male contraceptive pill may become a reality

According to the researchers, this contraceptive will not affect a man’s testosterone balance and will not cause male hormone deficiency.

Positive results were achieved in tests on mice and were published in the journal Nature Communications. A single dose of the drug immobilized sperm before, during and after mating. The effect lasted about three hours. After 24 hours, the effect of the drug ceased completely, and the spermatozoa returned to their natural state.

How does it work?

The birth control pill targets a specific protein called the “sperm swimming switch”. The experimental drug inhibits or blocks this protein. As a result, the sperm cells become immobile.

This could be a promising and easy-to-use contraceptive, says Melanie Balbach, one of the authors of the study.

The convenience of the contraceptive would be that it would not need to be taken constantly, and its use would depend on a man’s plans for the day.

However, the drug will not protect against sexually transmitted infections, and condoms will still be needed for that.


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