Jennifer Aniston: “An entire generation finds ‘Friends’ offensive”


On the occasion of the debut of “Murder Mystery 2” on Netflix, actress Jennifer Aniston shared her thoughts on the comedy genre and what can be considered funny/non-funny today.

Jennifer Aniston: "An entire generation finds 'Friends' offensive"
"Friends" /

“Comedy has changed, films have changed. Things have become extremely difficult, because now you have to be extremely considerate and caring towards everyone. It’s not easy for comedians, for the beauty of comedy is that we laugh at ourselves and our lives. In the past, comedies had an educational effect by showing how stupid people can sometimes be. Now it’s forbidden. There’s a whole generation that’s grown up that finds Friends offensive. There are moments in the show that were made unintentionally when it was about others… Well, we discussed them, but we weren’t as sensitive then as we are now,” Jennifer Aniston revealed.

The American television sitcom about a company of six friends living in New York City has had millions of fans in the past and won a huge number of awards (six Emmy and Golden Globe awards), but is now often criticised for its predominantly white cast and its implausible script, in which average young Americans can afford flats in Manhattan.

The Friends series aired from 1994 to 2004 – a total of 236 episodes – and is one of the most profitable comedy projects ever. Since its debut, the series has grossed $1.4 billion.


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