Scorpions surprise organisers of Tallinn concert with their demands


Rock band Scorpions, who will perform in Tallinn on 17 June, have asked the organisers to provide each band member with luxury cars. In connection with this, they will be provided with five Mercedes-Benz and Audi cars for the duration of the band’s stay in Estonia. Renaud Heckonens, public relations specialist for Scorpions’ Tallinn concert, said that although such a request is unusual, they would comply with the band’s request.

Scorpions удивили организаторов таллиннского концерта своими требованиями

“Every vehicle to date has been confirmed by the artists’ management. In addition, the band needs other cars, buses, vans – 15 vehicles in total, which is very similar to visits by foreign leaders,” Heckonens added.

Scorpions, the unsurpassed masters of powerful hard rock hits and classic rock ballads, will perform at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn on June 17 as part of their world tour. The music legend performing in Estonia for the first time in ten years will deliver their strongest and most energetic live show to date.

Scorpions’ special guest at the concert will be Alika Milova, who represented Estonia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The London-based band’s London agency followed Alika’s performance in Liverpool with interest and were deeply impressed by her performance.

Scorpions have been in the world music scene for almost 60 years and are one of the most important symbols of their era. The band have left an indelible mark on genres including heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal and soft rock. The Scorpions have inspired many of today’s rock stars not just through their music, but also through their style.

The band was founded in Germany in 1965 by guitarist Rudolf Schenker. The band was later joined by Klaus Meine, whose unique voice became the distinctive sound in the band’s songs.


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